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September 2020 Aircon Spring specials

Samsung Non-inverter Midwall split systems

9,000btu Model AQ09TQH – Cooling & Heating R7,295
12,000btu Model AQ12TQH – Cooling & Heating R8,295
18,000btu Model AQ18TQH – Cooling & Heating R11,495
24,000btu Model AQ24TQH – Cooling & Heating R13,495

5 year warranty on parts and compressor

Samsung Maldives Inverter split systems

9,000btu Model AR09TSH – Cooling & Heating R8,495
12,000btu Model AR12TSH  – Cooling & Heating R9,495
18,000btu Model AR18TSH  – Cooling & Heating R12,995
24,000btu Model AR24TSH  – Cooling & Heating R16,995 

5 year warranty on parts and 10 year warranty on compressor

Midea Non-inverter Midwall split systems


9,000btu Model – Cooling & Heating R5,895
12,000btu Model – Cooling & Heating R6,495
18,000btu Model – Cooling & Heating R9,695
24,000btu Model – Cooling & Heating R13,495

3 year warranty on parts and 5 years on compressor

Midea Inverter Midwall split systems

9,000btu Model – Cooling & Heating R7,495
12,000btu Model – Cooling & Heating R7,895
18,000btu Model – Cooling & Heating R11,295
24,000btu Model – Cooling & Heating R14,995

3 year warranty on parts and 5 years on compressor

Infinity Non-Inverter split systems

9,000btu Model KFR-25BH – Cooling & Heating R5,495
12,000btu Model KFR-32BH – Cooling & Heating R5,995
18,000btu Model KFR-53BH – Cooling & Heating R9,295
24,000btu Model KFR-70BH – Cooling & Heating R11,995

32,000btu Model KFR-85BH – Cooling & Heating R15,995

2 year warranty on parts and 5 year warranty on compressor

Infinity Inverter split systems

9,000btu Model KFR-25BHI – Cooling & Heating R7,495
12,000btu Model KFR-32BHI – Cooling & Heating R7,995
18,000btu Model KFR-53BHI – Cooling & Heating R13,495
32,000btu Model KFR-85BHI – Cooling & Heating R16,995

2 year warranty on parts and 5 year warranty on compressor

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The Air Care Story

As the Founder of Amabane Air Conditioning and the “Air Care” brand in South Africa, Henri Hanekom, spent several years as a Chartered Accountant in Bermuda working for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. This is where Henri first met the owners of Air Care Limited (Bermuda) who had been operating as a successful facilities management and preventative maintenance company since 1985. After managing the annual financial audit for Air Care in Bermuda for a number of years, Henri returned home to Johannesburg. Under a partnership with Air Care Limited, Amabane Air Conditioning began to provide mechanical services to the corporate and residential sectors, specializing in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Indoor Air Quality Assessments and Monitoring. Amabane Air Conditioning differentiates itself from other Air Conditioning Companies as not only the first LINC Service Preventative Maintenance Company, but as the company providing complete consultative services to the facilities field for building owners and property managers, recognizing the benefits of life cycle cost analysis over reactive repairs to avoid unnecessary expenses and downtime.

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